Auto Services

We strive to provide the best auto repair in San Diego. In the event of an installed part going bad, you are covered by a 12 Month or 12k Miles 100% guarantee warranty.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning repair can be expensive depending on where you go but at Advantec Auto Repair we offer great prices and quality .

Brake Repair

We believe that safety is the most important feature of a car and the #1 safety feature is having good working brakes.

Clutch Repair

At Advantec Auto Repair we have a clutch specialist that is also a sports car aficionado and has 15 years of experience with manual transmissions.

Cooling Systems

Don’t continue to drive your car day after day ignoring the leak or the smell coming from your air vents.

Engine Repair

Car engine repair is just one of those repairs that simply can’t wait around. Finding high quality and reasonably priced engine repair in San Diego can be difficult.

Heater Repair

Since heaters are rarely used in San Diego, many auto shops can be expensive to repair, but at Advantec Auto Repair we offer great prices and quality service.

Oil Changes

Most manufacturers recommend an oil change for your vehicle every 3000 miles so come into Advantec Auto Repair for your next oil change!

Suspension Repair

Suspension issues with your vehicle may go unnoticed when compared to more obvious problems, such as brake problems, transmission troubles, or engine problems.

Transmission Service

Modern transmissions are more complicated and include hundreds of individual components. At Advantec, we repair or replace worn and damaged parts.