Air Conditioning

California has warm weather year-round and it’s important to keep that AC running well to stay cool on your way to work or to run errands.


Air conditioning repair in San Diego can be expensive depending on where you go but at Advantec Auto Repair we offer great prices and quality service.

AC Repair in San Diego includes all of the following:

To prevent future AC damage and expensive repairs, one yearly AC maintenance check
Complete diagnostics assessment
Repair broken AC including removing and replacing of parts
Complete R-12 & R-134a refrigerant equipment
Flush out the Air Conditioning unit
Perform mist/ozone treatment to remove bacteria

These are some signs you may need an auto air conditioning repair or AC maintenance check:

-When the AC is on, the vehicle sounds or feels like it is working really hard
– Cold air doesn’t blow when the AC is on
– When the AC is on, the vents make a funny or whirring sound An odor comes out of the vents when the AC is on
– Your AC has not had a tune up in over a year