How Do I Find An Experienced Auto Mechanic?

We believe that safety is the most important feature of a car and the #1 safety feature is having good working brakes.

How Do I Find An Experienced Auto Mechanic?

What Should I Look For In An Experienced Auto Mechanic?

  • Reviews ~ Whenever you’re considering doing business with an auto mechanic in San Diego, the best place to start is with an internet search. Look for reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. With years of serving San Diego, our Advantec Auto Repair team has built a dependable reputation for auto repairs and maintenance. Read our customer reviews on Google!
  • Cost ~ As a newer driver, you might not be familiar with car maintenance expenses. Prices are generally consistent, whether as simple as an oil change or a little more complicated, like failing wheel bearings. Unfortunately, some people might take advantage of a new customer and charge extra for a job for which another auto repair service in San Diego would have charged a lot less. Call a few places, request a quote for the service you need, and compare. Call our Advantec Auto Repair team for a quote and comparison today!
  • Location ~ If you’re living in a new town and know some local people, ask for a recommendation. A local auto repair shop, such as Advantec Auto Repair in Mission Valley, with a great reputation, recommended by a few local people, is a place customers return to time and time again. People with experience with a mechanic can give you the most authentic recommendations. You may also read more of our customer reviews on Google and Yelp!

Am I Being Quoted The Right Amount?

You might understandably feel wary of trusting that an auto mechanic you’ve just met will quote you the right price. It’s essential to ask around. If someone with car knowledge and experience tells you the price sounds unreasonable, the mechanic might not be quoting you a fair price. Remember, however, that prices may vary depending on things like location, labor, and resources. Call Advantec Auto Repair in Mission Valley for a second opinion, even if the price seems reasonable.

Calling a garage on the phone for an oil change or other standard maintenance task question is fine when requesting a quote. However, it’s more difficult to assess all the work and parts that will be required on more complex auto repairs. The cost of a job also often depends on a car’s age. Newer cars are much different from older ones, and even something as simple as an oil change could be more expensive for an older car. If you need help with what’s going on with your vehicle or need more complicated work done, like brake or engine repair, it’s vital that our Advantec Auto Repair experienced mechanics inspect the car in person before giving you an accurate, fair quote.

Ask questions and be open-minded to guidance from an auto repair professional. A credible mechanic will provide comprehensive diagnostics the first time they inspect your car, replace only the parts that need replacing, inform you in advance about the charges based on symptoms and check the engine light code. If there are unforeseen issues, an ethical shop will contact you immediately rather than add it to your bill without asking you first.

Trusted & Credible Mechanic In San Diego

The internet has made it easier to determine whether a mechanic is of good quality. You can hear directly from our customers on our Advantec Auto Repair Google Business Page! Another great way to ensure you’re working with a mechanic who will provide the best service possible is to consult with locals.